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Three possible scenarios of Ascension in the future Part 4 – 2

 Reason C – Current Earth Civilization is a complex mix of the best and the worst of all from the cosmic perspective.

The third reason, which is a little hard to tell you this but is that Earth is a peculiar place, best of all and the worst of all. It has two sides: one is like “Ugh, this is just nasty, horrible. The worst of all…I hate it!” and the other is like “Wow…this is just amazing! I know it’s just impossibly incredible! Too awesome!”. Judging from the current condition, I must say, it is very unlikely that the Creator of the Cosmos would destroy all of this to pieces all at once.

To take all three reasons into consideration, the highest possibility is that the material condition on Earth will continue without much direct change even after Ascension even though there will be a spiritual dimensional shift at the end of 2012.


While we know there is Ascension on the way, so far it is best for us to stick to our usual lifestyle and life plan, aiming to live a happiest life ever.

I know it is not very appropriate for me to conclude a series of articles like this, as my blog is titled “Ascension”, however I honestly think that we should spend everyday in a happiest way possible to live a better and wonderful life instead of starting things you have never heard of just because you know there will be Ascension.


As I said, there are mainly three possible future scenarios of Ascension. At present, the third scenario is the most dominant one so far.


This is a translated version of the article from on 19th August, 2010. You can read the original japanese version here.


, Possible Future Scenarios of the Ascension

Three possible scenarios of Ascension in the future Part 4 – 1

Three reasons material changes in Ascension will be slower.

Why can this be happening? I know many of you are wondering. I can only tell you that there are extremely complicated reasons that Ascension in a sort of unsatisfactory way will be the best possible scenario for the three reasons.


Reason A – strong and enormous emotion of obsession in the collective consciousness of humankind

If you take a look at the state of current collective consciousness of humankind from the higher dimensional perspective, rather abnormal strong feelings that you can call greed or regrets are all over Earth world, feelings such as “I still can’t get enough of doing something…” or “I just wanted to do something…more”. If something happens now to turn this material world 180 degree around to make it what is totally new, most people will try to stay in this material world before the change or surely will soon come back here after they leave once, under current circumstance. This is why something that will fundamentally change the material world cannot be allowed to happen, which is also a decision made by spiritual existences in the higher dimensions.


Reason B – So many souls of people and living beings are still being trapped in the chaos of multi-dimensional worlds.

As it is very ill-reputed across the cosmos, Earth is known for its variety of abnormal spiritual nutrients which are inconceivable by many people on Earth at their conscious level. What is the spiritual food all about? I am afraid I cannot go into details here but Earth is a sort of a slavery district that has been under control of malicious fake-creator, fake gods or real demons who have tricked people. Therefore once one, no matter how great or good he or she is, steps into the Earth transmigration system, he or she gets trapped and has to repeat living and dying all over again without consciousness just like a sleep-walker, forgetting who he or she was just like a drug addict. Multi-dimensionally speaking, in other words, from the point of multi-dimensions created by highly advanced virtual reality technology, this is because those who are once inside the Earth transmigration system are unconsciously forced to kill, eat and do things like raping one another including people and living beings, never detected at superficial conscious level, which is actually the causes of various abnormal psychology of humankind as well.


As a result of many events in such multi-dimensional worlds we cannot understand at conscious level, Earth has been in an extremely dangerous spiritual condition in which no one can possibly get out without being incredibly lucky once he or she steps in the Earth transmigration system. However, as Ascension is coming nearer, Light Force represented by The Creator of the Cosmos have been powerfully and earnestly engaging in cleansing such multi-dimensional worlds.

Therefore, my estimation regarding purification of such multi-dimensions is that the worst ones will be finished cleansing with several years while some may take more time to be completely cleansed even after the end of 2012. Judging from the current situation, I say, a great material change along with Ascension at the end of 2012 is still a issue.


To be continued…


This is a translated version of the article from on 19th August, 2010. You can read the original japanese version here.


, Possible Future Scenarios of the Ascension

Three possible scenarios of Ascension in the future Part 3

Third scenario – while a great spiritual change will happen, this material world will not change greatly and will become a more peaceful world in harmony little by little.

Thirdly, it is actually the most dominant scenario that that Ascension is going to happen in a way that can meet and betray the expectations of so many at the same time if the dimensional shift continues at the current rate.


You may be wondering how that will be. Firstly, I will tell you about Ascension that can meet the expectation of so many. I can almost assure you that, so many of us will be able to clearly feel the change of the entire world after Ascension because the material world itself will change into extremely exquisite supreme form. We will see changes such as the feelings of pain and trouble clearly decrease or warfare and natural disasters apparently decrease in number, scale and frequency, or the world will be filled with the keen feelings of love and peace.

On the contrary, what is Ascension that will betray the expectations of many? Ascension that is craved by a group of people – which includes myself, too… – will be merely a spiritual great shift that most of us cannot recognize even time after time. Furthermore, future will almost be the same as today even after Ascension with wars and natural disasters that strike every now and then. You might be surprised to know that there will still be the world where people can do both good and bad things after Ascension even though we have been said that we will only see good people with good hearts.

More surprisingly, the critical situation Earth has been in until today will still continue even after Ascension.

Tomorrow, let me tell you why this can all happen.


To be continued…


This is a translated version of the article from on 18th August, 2010. You can read the original japanese version here.


, Possible Future Scenarios of the Ascension

Three possible scenarios of Ascension in the future Part 2

Scenario B – One day suddenly a group of chosen people suddenly move to the new world of Light in higher dimension

Secondly it is not unlikely that only a handful of chosen people suddenly get free of the bindings of Earthly material world and move to the spiritual world so far recognized and known as “heaven” in Earthly religions, which is very strongly expected by some very religious people. In this case, we are most likely to face the same problem as when someone who lost his or her life because of sudden accident or disease strongly wishes to be reborn into the material world in a short time span. Only for some time after they get to the new world, they all feel awesome, great fun but after a whole they realize that they cannot get the idea of their previous life, obsessed with thinking of how it could have paned out. They think like “I just can’t stop thinking about what could have happened to me in my last life.” “I know if I have done and said right just a little bit my life would have been better.” no matter how others deny telling him or her “Under that circumstance you were in there was no way you could have done all that”. This is how each souls find themselves in predicament in the new world because they cannot find peace in this way in the suddenly-started life in heaven.

Well, then this scenario in which the world one day ends and ideal life in heaven begins out of blue is no good after all as it leaves tremendous amount of anxiety and dissatisfaction. You may be surprised to know that it has been one of the most common scenarios that actually happened in many parallel worlds.


Such future scenarios are actually back-grounded by the fact so many people on Earth have strongly believed in the salvation of soul, or the Judgment by the hands of God for so long in the history of Earth. The collective consciousness of humankind no longer has such high expectations on the ultimate salvation in the future but now it wishes at collective subconscious level a coming of rather chaotic new world like “We just wish a material world like this just blow up and be gone…” or “We don’t care anymore as long as we can see any great existence like Christ or Buddha either on Earth or somewhere else.”

Therefore the initial scenario that the material world suddenly disappears and a group of chosen people move to a new world that appears like a real heaven is now a very unlikely possibility.


To be continued…


This is a translated version of the article from on 17th August, 2010. You can read the original japanese version here.


, Possible Future Scenarios of the Ascension

Three possible scenarios of Ascension in the future Part 1

Today let me tell you about what process Ascension that happens in the very near future will take.


Future predictions and the individual freedom of choices

Specific phases of Ascension is still not clearly known in the higher or lower dimensions therefore you cannot actually say for sure that “something is going to happen in this way” or “It has already been decided to be this way to the details”. This is why the creator of this cosmos himself greatly values the importance of individual freedom of choices and possibility to the point you may want to say “you don’t have to go to all the troubles to value individual freedom this much.. ”. Phenomena like “future incidents that were to happen are now changed to this way.” or “All the ramifications have somehow brought us our current situation which none of us expected.” can happen like everyday in the time-axis of Earth.

This is also one of the biggest reasons that we see excellent prophets, CEOs or futurologists unexpectedly miss their predictions or need to change their decisions according to the latest situation. The Creator of the cosmos values the individual freedom so much that he let each of us decide on our own everything from very important stuff to small things you may feel that “It’s just alright if someone great should decide it without our opinions”.

Let me get back to the main point anyway, when we take the variability of future into consideration, there are mainly three future scenarios below.


Scenario A – The possibility of planet-wide natural disasters and the activity to avoid this future by the hands of Light.

 Firstly, I know it is not what we want but there is actually one future scenario in which only a group of chosen people who survive great natural disasters that strike and destroys many parts of continents on earth just like described in the film “2012” build a beautiful and wonderful new world. This very scenario is in fact is what the Light Force represented by the Creator of Light are earnestly putting effort to prevent right now.

The actual possibility of dangerous future time-line is very real to us, even as of today. However my hunch is that “It might turn out well!” so I will just stop taking about such pessimistic future forecasts. It won’t do much good as it only helps induce more anxiety and fear.


To be continued…


This is a translated version of the article from on 16th August, 2010. You can read the original japanese version here.


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Q&A It is better to spend your time peacefully before going to bed

I was asked a question the other day that is there any good ways to sleep well because it is very hectic with all the earthquakes and nuclear plants incidents. Today let me give a couple of ways to solve this problem.


Q&A it is better to spend your time peacefully as much as possible.

It is easier to understand if you know how human sub-consciousness works, that how important the state of your mind before going to sleep is to the health, happiness and success of one’s life. To take at look at us, not many know of such knowledge, perhaps we should know more about it.


As I know they are very common ways I recommend these six things below.

1.  Relax by taking it easy both mentally and physically about 30 minutes before going to sleep, avoid doing too much hard exercise (you don’t have to worry about doing anything other than things such as weight-lifting or jogging?)

2.  What you watch, say or do about 20 or 30 minutes before going to bed often influences a lot on your mind or what you are going to see in your dreams greatly. This is why I do not really recommend you to watch or read anything too stimulating.

I think it will help you to relax and get some good sleep to watch or read something peaceful and relaxing.

Of course, I take a stance that it is also mentally harmful to play video games with stimulating and violent visual or sound before going to sleep. (It is quite easy to guess that you will end up doing the rest of video games you were playing even in your dreams.)

3.  Regarding relationships, I do not recommend quarreling before going to sleep because it is likely to make you have such irritating feelings even just before going to bed.

I think that it is better to ask him or her to avoid bringing up any subjects that will be the cause of fights or quarrels by telling them that you need to take it easy and relax before going to sleep.

4.  As to what time you go to bed, I know it is an ideal especially in Japan but I believe that getting up early and going to bed early will make you sleep better and help you live a happier life. (This is totally an ideal and I am afraid for now I am a typical nocturnal person)

5.  you tend to sleep less well when the muscles in your body are stiff. It is very important to relax your muscles in your body by doing something like yoga or exercise or ask someone for massage when you feel somehow nervous and your body is stiff.

6.  After doing things like these, let me tell you about how your mind should be before going to sleep in your bed, it keeps you happy and at best sleeping mode to go to sleep while thinking of something so much fun or happy with sort of a relaxed meditating mind.

I thus think it is perfectly alright to play some relaxing music before going to sleep or waking up or get hug pillows or stuffed toys if you feel lonely.


This is a translated version of the article from on 22nd April, 2011. You can read the original japanese version here.


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Q&A: Why is acquiring and leaning spiritual knowledge not enough to help you ascend?

I know you have heard a lot that all you have to do to ascend is simply to learn how to be spiritual and be familiar with such kind of knowledge. Today let me tell you my honest viewpoint on this.


After Ascension, it will be a new world where you will find yourself more naturally able to value and consider both the spiritual and material aspects of things at the same time.

When you take a look around and back at what it has been like, you can tell that people who like spiritual things generally know little about real life and society. However people who know a lot about real life generally know very little about spiritual things. This is a very common tendency observed throughout the world, and also is one of the most distinctive characteristics of a society at pre-Ascension level, in other words it is a sort of a separation state of a human consciousness.

 Such distinctive separative tendency of the framework of thought of humankind will thus disappear over time and is to be replaced by a new framework of thoughts by which people can understand and consider equally both spiritual and material aspects of things, more clearly and objectively.


Historically, the real world often hides its true nature conveniently under the mask of Light when it substantially turns into a dark society, which is far from Utopia even though people behave in religiously good way and acquire great amount of spiritual knowledge.

You might be wondering why I am actually spending a lot of time to tell you about the material side of the world instead of describing only spiritual stuff in my blog. The reason is that historically speaking from my personal experiences with spiritual and cosmic area; Being familiar only with either spiritual or material knowledge as an individual could not let the civilization to continue in the long run, eventually would lead it to destroy itself and fall apart as a result of many reasons.


Let me give you a typical example. I think you have heard a very commonly accepted theory among Earth people, that Utopia can be realized by increasing more religious citizens, which makes it appear as if the nation is full of religiously good people in the process. Unfortunately, historically speaking, things cannot go well that easily. In so many cases in history we have seen people like an emperor or dictator who only dreams of building his or her empire or kingdom by forcing his or her own very honest and obedient people to engage in large-scale military invasions or national construction projects, which of course included compulsory service and forced labor for many so-called causes for the country, or effectively reinforcing the domination of greedy, wicked and power-oriented ones, suppressing many good people.

As you can see now, bluntly speaking, the reality tells us what is the very opposite of the spiritual common sense we often hear.

In reality, it always has been the regular case that being just a little bit “familiar” with religious or spiritual stuff could eventually easily lead to a downfall of the entire society that changes into a dark terrible one that deceives you with a Light mask of “faith” and “ideal”. It is nothing alike a real Utopia.


This is also why I need to write not only on spiritual, but political or even economical topics – which might sound a little bit difficult to understand at first – as I basically value the equal importance of each element, when I try to tell you, through this blog, my spiritual cosmic knowledge and experience I know as of today in the simplest and plainest way possible.

This is a translated version of the article from on 2nd April, 2011. You can read the original japanese version here.


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Meditation or praying style of reciting the same sutras, spells and words however good they are for a long stretch of time is spiritually quite dangerous.

Let me talk about things you need to be aware of when you meditate or pray starting from where we left off.


Meditation or praying style of reciting the same sutra, spells and words however good they are for a long stretch of time over and over again is spiritually quite dangerous.

We all know that this type of meditation and praying is very commonly practiced among many religions. There are however two problems regarding it.

1. Reciting the particular sutra, spells or words repeatedly while strongly focusing on some sort of wishes or visions often creates a very powerful low-vibrational magnetic field that impedes the spiritual communication from higher existence of Light.

2. Reading such sutra or spells aloud as training no matter how divine or powerful they are, denying everything else such as acquiring and accumulating spiritual experiences and knowledge often make his or her consciousness small and stubborn, prohibiting from thinking outside the box, causing sort of a spiritual retrogression.


Therefore, any meditation or praying style of continuously thinking of or absent-mindedly repeating the same sutra and words which are considered spiritually divine and effective is actually very dangerous from a spiritual point of view, even though it appears so easy and convenient.


To be continued…


This is a translated version of the article from on 20th March, 2011. You can read the original japanese version here.


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The space you do meditation and prayers in always need to be kept clean and purified as much as possible.

Let us start where we left off last time about what you need to be careful when you meditate and pray.


The space you do meditation and prayers in always need to be kept clean and purified as much as possible.

I know perhaps you can easily understand that meditation or praying in a materially dirty and messy place is extremely dangerous from the spiritual viewpoint.

Therefore, as this is spiritually crystal clear, if you are thinking that you just need to stop funny spiritual phenomenon or unfortunate events happening around you without getting deeply involved with spiritual stuff, you need to keep your things simple, tidy and clean by throwing away basically everything you do not need, leaving all the things you truly need, reviewing all your belongings from clothes to anything. You tidy up your belongings or clean them as often as possible. In so many cases, this is enough to stop such mysterious spiritual phenomenon and unfortunate events or to make things in your life get better.


Other than this, there are mainly five things we need to be careful about the impurity and untidiness when you meditate and pray.

1. You should not conduct meditation or prayers when the air is stagnant.

2. It is almost impossible to meditate tuning up to an exquisite higher frequency, in a place where you hear a low-vibrational frequency such as Bump Bump, Crash, Whump.

3. The space, where the sound of TV or people talking heard all the time, tends to be stagnant. Playing healing music or something helps clear the space.

4. Odor or something that smells bad is out of question so you need to clear the space by Aroma or incense.

5. You need to turn off TVs or electronic devices to shut off the strong electromagnetic waves such devices emit. They sometimes make you dizzy distracting from your meditation.


To be continued…


This is a translated version of the article from on 19th March, 2011. You can read the original japanese version here.


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The images and statues of gods and Buddha are nothing more than symbols

From today I would like to tell you about things you need to be careful about when you pray or meditate.


When you pray or meditate, without proper attention it is highly possible that you can spiritually connect to sort of “artificial gods or Buddha” or “fake gods or Buddha” not to the real existences such as god or Buddha.


It is rather okay as long as you recognize the image and statues of gods or Buddha only as symbols; However, from a spiritual point of view, there is a huge problem with worshiping and praying for the image or the statue of gods or Buddha, recognizing them as the real ones.

The religious style that practices idolatry, worshiping the image and statues of gods and Buddha is sort of a standard, widely practiced throughout the world. It does have some merits that you can feel protected and reassured or sometimes it makes it easier for you to get the divine protection when you are with or in front of such images or statues including symbols of such gods and Buddha. But as the ancient saints have warned us over and over again, however, such images and statues are substantially no different from those of fake gods, Buddha and demons when you misuse them, which is a great problem.

In other words, it is okay as long as you can calmly understand such images and statues as only “symbols”. But at the exact point when you somehow begin to recognize them as if they are the real gods and Buddha themselves, what spiritual effects of such images and statues suddenly becomes nothing more than those of demons.

Therefore you need to make sure that, when you put up any sorts of images of statues of gods and Buddha, you fully understand that they are only symbols and the real gods and Buddha are not visible from naked eyes, invisible and exquisite spiritual existences different from material things on Earth. However any acts, that you worship and pray for the images and statues thinking as if they ARE the real gods and Buddha themselves, are spiritually no different from worshiping god-shaped wood or rock far from believing in the truly divine gods and Buddha.


This is why it is extremely dangerous to think of the images and statues of gods as the real ones, worshiping, praying for and focusing on them, from a spiritual viewpoint, even though it is not too problematic as long as you put up the pictures or statues of gods and Buddha only because you need some sort of mental symbol to help you purify the space and help you focus when you pray or meditate.


To be continued….


This is a translated version of the article from on 18th March, 2011. You can read the original japanese version here.


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