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Don’t you think you experience deja vu or daydream more than before?

It is my personal opinion, but don’t you think somehow it is more frequent you experience deja vu or strange feelings of daydream?

Moreover we almost no longer have to go through the spiritual vibrational situation where everything appears humid and gloomy somehow similar to the peculiar atmosphere of Feast of Lanterns and after WWⅡ every year.


As Ascension progresses, in fact, this material world has no more than one hundredth of density and solidity nowadays, compared to a decade ago, as it has significantly decreased in density in terms of vibrational solidity.

Put differently, this world is gradually changing into a new one that can be recognized as “spiritual world” where people’s thoughts and wishes directly become reality.


By the way, judging from the way the cosmic history has been, when those changes in the density and solidity of the material world happen, it is often that some sort of symbolic events such as large-scale natural disasters or direct contacts from existences in higher cosmos which symbolize this great universe-wide change takes place. Therefore, we can say that Earth is, objectively speaking, also in this similar historical situation.


This is a translated version of the article from on 15th August, 2011. You can read the original japanese version here.


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