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Q&A – Things you should be careful when tuning into higher vibrational frequency Part 1

Q&A – Things you should be careful when tuning into higher vibrational frequency

Last time I have written about how to maintain your frequency, there are several things you should be careful about.


1. As long as you can keep yourself tuned into higher frequency, the quicker, the better you work.

Many of you remember I said that “You should not make haste and panic”, this means that “you should not deal with things being hasty or irritated”

Therefore, it is very important that you work and do your job or housework with your mind clear and calm, not hasty or irritated.

Of course, continue working quickly for a long time stresses and tires you out. Thus you need a good break or do something else for a change. Tuning into lower vibrational frequency has essentially nothing to do with working and doing things quickly.


2. Right and honest expression and coping of anger is extremely important in living as a human; you also cannot be too careful when and where to express and relieve such anger based on aplomb and wisdom in order to bring out better results.

One of the most often misunderstood things in religions related to this matter is the idea that “Getting angry or geting emotional is a bad thing. There is no exception.”. As you know, however, there are actually many things that you cannot help feeling that “It is just too impossible, it’s just too much…” and “I just can’t let them do this such things.” in your everyday life.

Therefore, when you deal with such cases, you need to be careful. It is really important that you tell the person or people clearly your honest opinion and thoughts at that time, especially expressing your anger and complaints, regarding unreasonable treatment or acts inflicted by others. Yet you need to calmly set your wits to work to tell the person or people to resolve your right anger and discontent, listening to your rationality to bring out the best results , most clearly and most effectively.


To be continued…


This is a translated version of the article from on 10th March, 2011. You can read the original japanese version here.


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