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The recent circumstances of the spiritual worlds Part 7

2. Changes on Earth and changes in the spiritual worlds along.

Secondly, it may not be something you heard before but there are also two changes in values, in advanced countries after enough economic growth.


Firstly, old deep-rooted religions and customs begin to be replaced by different religions and customs that are commonly accepted among the countries they look up to as the frame of the society changes with the economic growth.

Secondly, it often progresses very inconspicuously, in the long run, the jobs related to those old religions and customs gradually disappear to be replaced by new ones necessary for the new religions and culture as many people begin to accept the new way of life away from the old bindings in the process.

As a result, interestingly enough, a society under such circumstance can continue its societal and national transformation without vital confusion when its government is under a command of quite powerful leadership, despite criticism and seemingly never-ending problems coming up. When its government’s leadership is rather weak, rather dove leaders are in the power, however, things tend to get really unstable. Some who benefit from the thrive of old customs and culture pressure those in power, causing a power play throwing the nation tethering in balance even for decades.

Therefore, under such circumstance, you may think that it may be even better if someone infamous, who is known as a dictator-like person should rule the nation in order to minimize the damage and the level of confusion. From a historical viewpoint, in fact, things are not that simple as it takes very subtle political maneuvers.


Perhaps you want to know to what is exactly happening in the spiritual worlds under such difficult circumstance. There are mainly three things you rarely hear even most spiritual writings happening.

Firstly, the power of old gods worshiped before gradually diminishes and their influential position is replaced by new gods in the spiritual worlds related to the nation as the old customs and religions that were practiced before modernization begin to waver and people begin to accept new religions and culture. This often happen 100 year before or after the actual event on Earth because time flows at different pace in the spiritual worlds and Earth.

Secondly, along with the social changes, the old spiritual worlds also begin to disappear to be ultimately replaced by brand-new spiritual worlds that reflect what is going on Earth and this phenomenon is especially remarkable in the most related spiritual worlds. It appears strange from the eyes of third party but it does happen in the time span of century.

Thirdly, strangely speaking, many spiritual creatures and living beings that are deeply connected with the disappearing culture and religions also begin to disappear, in other words, they cease to exist to those who no longer believe the existence of such beings while they are still obviously alive and well to those who still believe the old culture and religions, as this great spiritual change comes along.

It is a very interesting spiritual phenomenon. Those ancient gods and legendary creature that cease to move as if time has stopped only around them but suddenly come back to life as if they have been alive and well all this time, the moment when someone calls them or keep thoughts of them. A very mysterious spiritual phenomenon.

This is probably one of the biggest reasons why people often have said “Let sleeping dogs lie.”. Nowadays the number of such spiritual beings are on the decrease as Ascension progresses.


To be continued…


This is a translated version of the article from on 21st May, 2013. You can read the original japanese version here.


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