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The recent circumstances of the spiritual worlds Part 11

2. Various types of hellish domains exist in the four-dimensional areas around Earth based on obsession and personal connection.

Secondly, there are still a sort of a hell-like domains that are filled with greed and strife around the material field of Earth, a sort of spiritual worlds you can never call them heaven on more than fifth dimension.

Recently, as Ascension progresses, the situations in such hell-like domains are settling down compared to before, but not completely. As you can see from our long history on Earth, not so many people are flexible enough to change the way of living they clung to when they lived as human just because spiritual cleansing was successful, partially or not. As a result of thoughts and ideas created by the minds of those in the fourth-dimensions around Earth actually create this sort of hell-like domain in various form.


3. There is an increasing number of fantasy worlds often described in films, anime, cartoon and novels in the different dimensional areas around Earth, replacing the old-fashioned heaven-like spiritual domains.

Thirdly, there is indeed an increasing number of a sort of virtual realities based on films, anime, cartoon and novels other than the often-described religious heaven in the spiritual worlds around Earth. A very strange phenomenon is happening along with this.

What is this strange phenomenon? It may be easier to understand if you take a look at old religious dogma. In short, the heaven after death described in religions in the long history of Earth is, so to speak, merely an ideal realization of many’s almost hunger-like want and wishes in the difficult and demanding material world filled with wars, political and economical strife, natural disasters and many personal problems.

As modernization came, however, this material world is not filled with pains and grieves as it used to appear, people living in modern era begin to seek happiness, comfort and richness more than the image of heaven used to show them.

Interestingly enough, such worlds are the ones based on films, anime, cartoon and novels today. This is exactly why there is an increasing number of a sort of strangely utopia-like worlds or near-future worlds where machines, robots coexist peacefully with human, animal and plants, or worlds where you can forget all your worries and troubles and have fun, a world of exciting adventures and fantasies, or it could be a world where people can seek very spiritual and wonderful mystic happiness or a very fashionable world filled with very colorful and various beautifully-designed motifs and creation.


To be continued….


This is a translated version of the article from on 25th May, 2013. You can read the original japanese version here.


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