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The current circumstances of Ascension in May, June and July, 2013 Part 3

 2. There were serious concerns that May and June this year will be very spiritually unstable and depressed, which however was averted by spiritual efforts and helps from so many.

Secondly, I think some of you may remember that May and June this year is months of great spiritual transition. Today let me tell you simply three things about it.


Firstly, especially by the end of June this year, Earth humankind that was tend to easily separate into two or three or more has, maybe not materially on Earth yet but spiritually unite in harmony in the direction of one faith or love, sort of a mutual spiritual center. The efforts at last have borne fruits. I think quite a lot of people have felt this change.

Therefore it is only natural that there are more moments when you and people around you share a strange sense of unity or feeling of happiness of ecstasy without reason, at the bottom of your or their hearts even though there seems to be frictions and problems at hand.


Secondly, it may have been quite clearly perceived by some, just the same time around the influence of the leaders of the Dark Ones has finally significantly weaken, therefore, the spiritual bindings and spells cast by those in various ways have been removed. You know this when your sickness suddenly heals or more often come upon good fortune.


Thirdly, it was a concern for a negative side, there was indeed the highest possibility at the point of February and March, May and June and July and August this year would be spiritually very unstable and stagnant. Spiritual activity and support by so many all around the world day and night have made it possible Earth’s vibrational frequency to hold up in quite short term.

As a result, Ascension on Earth at present has been progressing very peacefully and stably without much concerns for worse scenarios.

I thus think that if this condition continues from now on things will remain relatively peaceful and stable as Ascension.


These things above are mainly what we should know about the circumstances of Ascension in May and June in 2013.


This is a translated version of the article from on 4th July, 2013. You can read the original japanese version here.


, Current Circumstances of the Ascension



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