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About “2012 Ascension” Part 3

3. The old uncivilized, barbarous image of Earth has been gradually wiped out to be spiritually and cosmically recognized as a key planet in the universe that positively influences the entire cosmos

Thirdly, it may be felt very real and close to you some of you even today, Earth was no longer a isolated small planet in the galaxy after the middle of 2012. It now has spiritually and cosmically been placed sort of a key planet that leads the low-dimensional cosmic areas toward better direction, in a way.


There are three reasons for such a drastic change. One is that a part of the original consciousness of Earth, very different from the current Earth’s, you can call her or him ex-Earth – also known as “mother Earth” or “Gaia” among us – has awakened during spiritual emancipation in Ascension around in June 2012, to once again play role, a small one yet, as a spiritual center of the cosmos.

Second reason is that so many souls who one divided into Light and Darkness, had no choice but to scatter all around the cosmos began to seriously considering how to re-build a beautiful, wonderful utopia reuniting all the souls like they used to be.

Third reason is that, not widely known yet but, one great cosmic consciousness that had been trapped in the deepest bottom of the universe, had been treated as if he or she never existed even though he or she does, and could never take credits for what he or she really did because someone else does, no matter how great the deeds were, has been finally freed from the spiritual bindings and regaining his or her original spiritual cosmic position over 2012 to 2013.


This means that many existence, that had been spiritually doing their jobs almost like gods or angels had been instead abominated and sealed as if they were evil gods or devils – as a result of the misunderstanding and prejudice caused by the brain-washing by the hands of Dark Ones – in fact included so many souls of Light, some known as the Creator of the cosmos. This long-awaited comeback of the true Creator of Light, also means an ultimate end to the Age of Light and Dark that has continued for so long.

This “ ultimate ending of the Age of Light and Darkness” does not necessarily mean that all the souls that belong to the dark are to be destroyed or forever condemned to the darkest abyss of hell. (Such frightful propaganda has been originally initiated by the Dark onThis ules to mislead people. ) This ending means that we need to remove all the negative elements that were treated as elements of the Light but substantially mislead and make people and living beings suffer, and we also need to accept all the positive elements of Light that were regarded as the bad ones but in fact necessary to make people and living beings happy and prosper.

In other words, the true purpose and the means of this “ending” is  a new reintegration based on happism or prosperitism that is to redesign and remodel the happiness and prosperity of the entire cosmos or humankind or living beings in true meaning, by reintegrating and reviewing every elements classified as either Light or Darkness without reasonable evidence or consideration.


Earth today has been spiritually and cosmically in times of extremely great transition, changing into more like a most innovative and pacifistic leader planet in the low dimensional universe, no longer fitting the same image of the planet that is old barbarous and primitive.


This is a translated version of the article from on 13th July, 2013. You can read the original japanese version here.


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