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The images and statues of gods and Buddha are nothing more than symbols

From today I would like to tell you about things you need to be careful about when you pray or meditate.


When you pray or meditate, without proper attention it is highly possible that you can spiritually connect to sort of “artificial gods or Buddha” or “fake gods or Buddha” not to the real existences such as god or Buddha.


It is rather okay as long as you recognize the image and statues of gods or Buddha only as symbols; However, from a spiritual point of view, there is a huge problem with worshiping and praying for the image or the statue of gods or Buddha, recognizing them as the real ones.

The religious style that practices idolatry, worshiping the image and statues of gods and Buddha is sort of a standard, widely practiced throughout the world. It does have some merits that you can feel protected and reassured or sometimes it makes it easier for you to get the divine protection when you are with or in front of such images or statues including symbols of such gods and Buddha. But as the ancient saints have warned us over and over again, however, such images and statues are substantially no different from those of fake gods, Buddha and demons when you misuse them, which is a great problem.

In other words, it is okay as long as you can calmly understand such images and statues as only “symbols”. But at the exact point when you somehow begin to recognize them as if they are the real gods and Buddha themselves, what spiritual effects of such images and statues suddenly becomes nothing more than those of demons.

Therefore you need to make sure that, when you put up any sorts of images of statues of gods and Buddha, you fully understand that they are only symbols and the real gods and Buddha are not visible from naked eyes, invisible and exquisite spiritual existences different from material things on Earth. However any acts, that you worship and pray for the images and statues thinking as if they ARE the real gods and Buddha themselves, are spiritually no different from worshiping god-shaped wood or rock far from believing in the truly divine gods and Buddha.


This is why it is extremely dangerous to think of the images and statues of gods as the real ones, worshiping, praying for and focusing on them, from a spiritual viewpoint, even though it is not too problematic as long as you put up the pictures or statues of gods and Buddha only because you need some sort of mental symbol to help you purify the space and help you focus when you pray or meditate.


To be continued….


This is a translated version of the article from on 18th March, 2011. You can read the original japanese version here.


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