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Centuries after Ascension, a Utopia of Light, with a totally different flow of time in each region rich with great individuality, will be created over time Part 1

Today this is the 18th talk about the idea of time in the material world.


Hundreds of years after Ascension each region has its own flow of time, which would be totally different from one another will be created.

I know this is hard to accept for many of us today at first, but after Ascension, over a certain period of time –most likely hundreds of years later judging from the current circumstances? – People no longer hold on to the idea of “Nation” as we often do. As a result, people who share roughly the same idea, opinions, like freely get together to shape unique small communities in which they aim to realize the maximum of happiness.

Now this is probably what surprises you the most; in such communities people can decide and control the climate, weather with a astonishing accuracy and planning by the means of both of what we know as scientific technologies and spiritual technologies, in order to make people and living beings in there happiest, easily like “Let’s make the climate and weather in this area like these and here like these.”

This is of course only possible on condition that harmony with the nature environment and the form of sustainable civilization are realized. You would be very surprised to know that people in such future can decide so many things from the climate and daily weather to the length of day and night and the length of a second, minute, an hour or even a day, matching up with their likings and convenience.


To be continued…


This is a translated version of the article from on 8th October, 2013. You can read the original japanese version here.


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