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Q&A How to understand the frequency of the Creator of the cosmos Part 1

I wrote before that once you know the specific frequency of the Creator, you cannot easily be tricked spiritually. It may not be easy to understand, but there are mainly five things to know.


1. It may be quite effective in practice meditation and praying in dark.

Firstly, it is a very good practice to meditate or pray in the dark, while also possibly staring at a candlelight, as often recommended in yoga or meditation. (Of course, you don’t necessarily have to do it daily…)

You are wondering why? Because when you regard darkness as a symbol of evil or satan, on contrary to some people’s belief, you can almost never fundamentally tune into the frequency of the Creator.

There are two reasons for this. One is that it is very often that one who prefers only light and fear the darkness, can easily misjudge the truth. The other reason is that, it depends on the situation however, this material world is sort of a anti-universe. Therefore, the Creator, the fundamental existence of the cosmos, the supreme light of higher frequency, does not necessarily appear to be shining bright and in some cases appears to be the darkest existence.


2. The difference between the atmosphere the real Creator has, and that of fake ones have.

Secondly, it may be a little difficult to understand that there are, as far as I know, mainly four different kinds of atmosphere of the spiritual existence who is known as the Creator of this cosmos.

1. Very friendly and kind atmosphere.

2. Rather quite and drab, appears as if all dark but very calm and kindly helps you with your each problem.

3. Extremely ecstatic and brings you love and joy.

4. Sometimes appears to be shinning, sometimes not, but sudenly appears out of nowhere to help you remove the danger, pain or hardships in times of need.


Now those who looks and sounds like the real Creator, but in reality are fake often wear the atmosphere of these five types.

1. Blindingly bright but somehow feels inhuman, cold and fearful touch to them.

2. Dark or red (colors can be different) and gives you a strong feeling of fear at sight.

3. Demands you with unreasonable and painful problems one after another.

4. Talks big and do a little of a miracle, but always tries to get away, hide, deceive you or only blow his or her own trumpet that how great they are.

5. Makes it look cool and brings you fishy stories too good to be true, but basically just irresponsible and someone you can never depend on, let alone to trust.

As you can see now, religious piety can also be categorized in simliar way. When you sense any sort of spiritual existence, you can possibly trust them when they have an atmosphere of the genuine ones, but you know something is wrong when they appear like those who are not.


To be continued…


This is a translated version of the article from on 10th July, 2012. You can read the original japanese version here.


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