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Q&A – Things you should be careful when tuning into higher vibrational frequency Part 4

5. To keep your vibrational frequency higher, you should not have too self-centered view of world but should not also overly empathize and think too much of other people or living beings

Fifthly, it may be a little bit difficult to understand at first, but not having either too self-centered view or too empathetic view towards others is extremely important in keeping your vibrational frequency higher.

Perhaps it is easier to understand with a little example. When you think too much of yourself and taking it very seriously about your own situation you know you may feel very upset, worried and emotionally unstable. On the contrary, even for good reasons, when you are feeling sorry for others and empathizing with them too much and for too long, you know how you become too nervous about their every word they say and everything they do, somehow become very upset and even in some cases, you can be directly influenced and easily get disappointed by merely their attitude and how they react.

This is why you need to be really careful never to let yourself easily indulge in having too self-centered or too empathetic view.


To be continued…


P.S. As I have said before, this doesn’t mean that it is alright to do nothing for the people in trouble and need. please do not get the wrong idea.

In short, you just need to stay calm, keep your spiritual vibrational frequency stable enough in living your everyday life.


This is a translated version of the article from on 15th March, 2011. You can read the original japanese version here.


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