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The recent circumstances of the spiritual worlds Part 1

As I said before, I am planning to post my blog articles less regularly and I am going to tell you about the most recent updates on what has over a few posts as the situation in the spiritual world is rapidly changing.


1. The material world we are living in is in a great transition into a new world of existence that is like half spiritual and half material world.

Firstly, many of you have already seen and felt one of these signs of the change. For example, more and more of you are experiencing the feeling like, “These days time feels strange and sometimes it passes really quickly and sometimes too slowly…” or “Hmm, it’s funny. I think I’ve just had exactly the same conversation (or experience) before…”  “I really don’t know what was going on while I was minding my own business (or daydreaming)…  but I feel like I was doing something else.” “Somehow I can’t help feeling like something just happened or I talked with somebody else I don’t know has changed my mind without my noticing…  it just feels really weird but somehow I know it!”.

Phenomenon such as these are quite easy to understand if you have visited my blog for quite a while. To sum up, the boundary between the material world and those different dimensional worlds such as parallel universes and spiritual domains surrounding our world, is becoming thinner and thinner everyday as Ascension progresses. In fact, this is what is causing many mysterious phenomena never happened before near the boundary. I can tell you two things about what is really going on these days.


1. Many people are having experiences both in this material reality and in those different dimensional universes. 

This may even surprise many of you who have been acquainted with the spiritual knowledge. Firstly the density of this material world that was necessary to maintain the solidity is gradually decreasing, making it possible for us to recognize both the experiences in the spiritual or parallel worlds and this material world.

It may still be a little bit hard to grasp so let me give you some examples. For instance someone is actually quite busy with his or her life in a different dimension, boarding a spaceship, doing a mission related with something of cosmic scale while he or she is living a normal life as an office-worker or housewife. Or maybe a child who is in this material world a very normal school kid but is in reality working as what we on Earth call a top-notch scholar, CEO or an artist in some sort of parallel universes or other galaxy. And a person who is in this life quite no one but is like a hollywood star in spiritual worlds, someone who is known just as a director, cartoon writer, video-game creator is in fact spiritually working as sort of a messenger to bring the latest news in spiritual world to the material world. You may be surprised to know that cases like these are incredibly increasing nowadays.


To be continued….


This is a translated version of the article from on 14th May, 2013. You can read the original japanese version here.


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