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Three possible scenarios of Ascension in the future Part 4 – 2

 Reason C – Current Earth Civilization is a complex mix of the best and the worst of all from the cosmic perspective.

The third reason, which is a little hard to tell you this but is that Earth is a peculiar place, best of all and the worst of all. It has two sides: one is like “Ugh, this is just nasty, horrible. The worst of all…I hate it!” and the other is like “Wow…this is just amazing! I know it’s just impossibly incredible! Too awesome!”. Judging from the current condition, I must say, it is very unlikely that the Creator of the Cosmos would destroy all of this to pieces all at once.

To take all three reasons into consideration, the highest possibility is that the material condition on Earth will continue without much direct change even after Ascension even though there will be a spiritual dimensional shift at the end of 2012.


While we know there is Ascension on the way, so far it is best for us to stick to our usual lifestyle and life plan, aiming to live a happiest life ever.

I know it is not very appropriate for me to conclude a series of articles like this, as my blog is titled “Ascension”, however I honestly think that we should spend everyday in a happiest way possible to live a better and wonderful life instead of starting things you have never heard of just because you know there will be Ascension.


As I said, there are mainly three possible future scenarios of Ascension. At present, the third scenario is the most dominant one so far.


This is a translated version of the article from on 19th August, 2010. You can read the original japanese version here.


, Possible Future Scenarios of the Ascension


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