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The recent circumstances of the spiritual worlds Part 6

4. Hundreds of years to come are known as the age: “Millennium” or “The world of Miroku” to observe many important events necessarily for Earth to evolve into the real new ideal world after Ascension.

Fourthly, as I have written often on my blog, strangely enough,  people lived on Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago yearningly called the future after Ascension “Millennialism” or “The world of Miroku” knowing from a spiritual comic viewpoint, Earth would become a half material and half spiritual world. Current Earth is in fact exactly a place where epoch-making events vital for the realization of such millennialism or the world of Miroku are quietly taking place.

What exactly are such important spiritual events in the history? As much as it is difficult to explain, in short, many people on Earth are now able to strongly refuse and let go of many old obstacles, obsessions, old customs deep-rooted in the history of this material world.

Now then, what are those old obstacles and obsessions? You need to think really hard to get to this but in short there are mainly three things.

1. Compared to the way society was before modernization, highly-advanced society values individual satisfaction and happiness more than it values things or money.

This is a situation very common among advanced countries after considerable economic growth. People’s way of thinking changes greatly before and after enough economic growth. For instance, people living in a society before modernization often think “I can’t live without land or buildings to keep on doing my business and farm…”, “Our country itself is so poor that people start selling people not just land or valuable things only to get money… ”, “We all know there are only a limited number and kind of jobs, disobeying any orders from the loyal family or high society means  sudden unemployment and starvation of my family!” or“We need to make everything including our own house and house ware out of all we have, so we have to keep using them no matter how much we hate to use them or find them inconvenient until they become no use to us.”. However, some time after modernization with a enough economic growth, things change and that also changes people’s attitude. For instance, people often find them thinking that “With a good plan and a good sum of money, you can freely get almost anything including land, buildings, materials or ingredients!”, “There is enough financial resources in our country to ensure the rights of individual citizens.”, “There is now no need to treat the loyal or aristocrats with too much respect, that’s why we can now have the right, the freedom of speech the freedom of action…!”, “You can always find enough groceries at any stores in town, you don’t necessarily need to use the old and dirty things anymore! You can always get new ones, anything you like. ”

How does this change the consciousness of many? It make many realize the true value of happiness, amenity, satisfaction and emotions more than how they used to value things, land or money in a society after a advanced-economic growth. For instance, “Ideas, wisdom and knowledge are more important than things, land or money.” or “Broken things can be repaired, money might be done without somehow, but life is irreversible. If you lose it, there is no way of getting it back. That’s why we really always need to put  saving life the highest priority.” or “We all know we have plenty of materials and ways to create something you want, and we thus need to create new things for the happiness, satisfaction, emotions and amenity for someone to use them.” “it used to be that we could never do without money but nowadays money is not that important as they say, I really feel that I want to live a life of my own, to make my dreams come true, a one that I can get a feeling of accomplishment!”.


To be continued…



I could not put it any simpler if I sum up what I written above, it is that many more of us can find it easier to live a spiritually purified attitude, in a relatively materially-rich society where many can feel that “I know frugality or recycling are important but I know we have plenty of things at use…” and “People’s life or living up my own time are far more important than anything else, even more important than money or things!”. Many no longer need to feel that they were never allowed to have desires for anything, or feel attached like before.


This is a translated version of the article from on 20th May, 2013. You can read the original japanese version here.


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