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Centuries after Ascension, a Utopia of Light, with a totally different flow of time in each region rich with great individuality, will be created over time Part 2 – 2

Therefore those who are gradually used to the way in spiritual form, acquiring more knowledge about the laws and how things work in the new world will build many paradise and heaven-like happiest and the most comfortable living space everywhere on Earth by coming up with many innovative ideas, using such newly-discovered laws and systems.

It is how many utopia-like new worlds or put differently small communities will be created by the hands of many – most likely centuries after Ascension even though it may sound to you as if a strange almost dream-like thing or something.


It is most likely that the whole Earth will transform to a super-time world that is richly diversified in time and space, with so many small communities totally different from today’s Earth we live in. For instance, there will be a world of Light or a city of Light where it is always at daylight, or a city for work where time flows rhythmically and with a feeling of fun, or a city of art ad music where time flows so slowly and richly, or a city of temple of Light in which time flows upward and you can experience a great feeling of ecstasy and supreme happiness.


To be continued…


This is a translated version of the article from on 9th October, 2013. You can read the original japanese version here.


, The Truth of Time & Space / The World After the Ascension



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