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Q&A – How to communicate with living beings in nature through your mind Part 1

 I once was asked a question about how to communicate with animals in your mind when I was writing Ascension series before.

There are three know-hows to achieve this.


1. Let go of any self-denial, worries and prejudice then relax, take a deep breath, let your consciousness tune in to the living being you want to communicate and just talk to them.

Firstly, to communicate with any living beings you want to understand, you just need to relax and speak to them in your mind, let go of any self-denial, anxiety or prejudice in your mind. You need to get rid of any ideas in your mind such as “There is no way I can understand this kind of things…!”, “I know what you are thinking. I can see right through you.”, “I can’t let them see through me!”.


2. When attempting to mentally communicate with other living beings, it is important that your mind is actually at peace and feel calm as the one you are going to talk to is, otherwise you might hear some other spiritual monsters’ voice believing it is that of the living being in front of you.

Secondly, now many words and ideas that almost feel like your own thoughts pop into your mind as if they are the being’s thoughts. At this point, you need to check three things.

 1. When the thoughts sound demanding, too declarative; there is the highest possibility that it is actually coming from totally different low-dimensional existence your mind that temporarily tunes into the lower-frequency therefore you should refrain from such attempt.

2. You should also never pay attention to ay advice or messages from the other being you spoke to when you feel somehow angry, scared, under stress, tired. It is easier to mentally communicate with other living beings when you feel very relaxed, happy, calm and kind.

3. It is always important to depend on what he or she actually does not on the voices and thoughts in your head, so that you can avoid getting wrong messages and thoughts from anyone you do not want to. Always pay attention to what he or she does and what you hear in your mind. If they are coherent with how they react, it is real.

There are three things to check when you communicate with animals.


Next time, I would like to talk about things you also need to know.

To be continued…


This is a translated version of the article from on 30th April, 2011. You can read the original japanese version here.


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