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The recent circumstances of the spiritual worlds Part 8

3. People in the future would someday recognize this period of time from the late 20th century to 22nd century as the time of a great cosmic spiritual awakening (emancipation) and evolution for mankind from Earth.

Thirdly, strangely enough, this period of time we are today living in is exactly when it appears, in the long run, that human on Earth began evolving into a new spiritually and cosmically highly-advanced life form, no longer choosing to remain as one of the species in the ecosystem. This is because precisely time period around a decade after the beginning of 21st century is when human on Earth finally gains human-independent control over the ecosystem in the material world to some degree, in the long history of humankind.


I think I will have to spare the details for some other time, but there are mainly three things to explain.

Firstly, complicatedly enough, current humankind, only a handful starting from late 20st century yet, is evolving into a new existence in the universe, which would no doubt be recognized as angels or even gods by people in the wild times because of their ideas, actions, to keep the nature in balance for the earth ecosystem. It would be just suitable to keep the balance in nature, while making sure surviving the day and securing a firm and best position in the nature to keep balance. Not like beings that they used to be to exploit the nature for their own purposes and desires.

Secondly, I know this may be hard to understand for many of you, this is also a very important time period, from the late 20th century in the history when humankind begins to understand a new point of view such as “Earth as observed from the cosmic viewpoint” or “Earth in the vast universe.”. This is a different and fresh way of viewing oneself from what countless livings on Earth would have.

This amazing change that almost make it seem like humankind from Earth evolved into real “Starpeople” with different way of thinking and culture, has been happening right since the end of 20th century and around 22nd century in human history.


to be continued…


This is a translated version of the article from on 22nd May, 2013. You can read the original japanese version here.


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