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Three possible scenarios of Ascension in the future Part 1

Today let me tell you about what process Ascension that happens in the very near future will take.


Future predictions and the individual freedom of choices

Specific phases of Ascension is still not clearly known in the higher or lower dimensions therefore you cannot actually say for sure that “something is going to happen in this way” or “It has already been decided to be this way to the details”. This is why the creator of this cosmos himself greatly values the importance of individual freedom of choices and possibility to the point you may want to say “you don’t have to go to all the troubles to value individual freedom this much.. ”. Phenomena like “future incidents that were to happen are now changed to this way.” or “All the ramifications have somehow brought us our current situation which none of us expected.” can happen like everyday in the time-axis of Earth.

This is also one of the biggest reasons that we see excellent prophets, CEOs or futurologists unexpectedly miss their predictions or need to change their decisions according to the latest situation. The Creator of the cosmos values the individual freedom so much that he let each of us decide on our own everything from very important stuff to small things you may feel that “It’s just alright if someone great should decide it without our opinions”.

Let me get back to the main point anyway, when we take the variability of future into consideration, there are mainly three future scenarios below.


Scenario A – The possibility of planet-wide natural disasters and the activity to avoid this future by the hands of Light.

 Firstly, I know it is not what we want but there is actually one future scenario in which only a group of chosen people who survive great natural disasters that strike and destroys many parts of continents on earth just like described in the film “2012” build a beautiful and wonderful new world. This very scenario is in fact is what the Light Force represented by the Creator of Light are earnestly putting effort to prevent right now.

The actual possibility of dangerous future time-line is very real to us, even as of today. However my hunch is that “It might turn out well!” so I will just stop taking about such pessimistic future forecasts. It won’t do much good as it only helps induce more anxiety and fear.


To be continued…


This is a translated version of the article from on 16th August, 2010. You can read the original japanese version here.


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