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The space you do meditation and prayers in always need to be kept clean and purified as much as possible.

Let us start where we left off last time about what you need to be careful when you meditate and pray.


The space you do meditation and prayers in always need to be kept clean and purified as much as possible.

I know perhaps you can easily understand that meditation or praying in a materially dirty and messy place is extremely dangerous from the spiritual viewpoint.

Therefore, as this is spiritually crystal clear, if you are thinking that you just need to stop funny spiritual phenomenon or unfortunate events happening around you without getting deeply involved with spiritual stuff, you need to keep your things simple, tidy and clean by throwing away basically everything you do not need, leaving all the things you truly need, reviewing all your belongings from clothes to anything. You tidy up your belongings or clean them as often as possible. In so many cases, this is enough to stop such mysterious spiritual phenomenon and unfortunate events or to make things in your life get better.


Other than this, there are mainly five things we need to be careful about the impurity and untidiness when you meditate and pray.

1. You should not conduct meditation or prayers when the air is stagnant.

2. It is almost impossible to meditate tuning up to an exquisite higher frequency, in a place where you hear a low-vibrational frequency such as Bump Bump, Crash, Whump.

3. The space, where the sound of TV or people talking heard all the time, tends to be stagnant. Playing healing music or something helps clear the space.

4. Odor or something that smells bad is out of question so you need to clear the space by Aroma or incense.

5. You need to turn off TVs or electronic devices to shut off the strong electromagnetic waves such devices emit. They sometimes make you dizzy distracting from your meditation.


To be continued…


This is a translated version of the article from on 19th March, 2011. You can read the original japanese version here.


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