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The recent circumstances of the spiritual worlds Part 4

3. As Ascension progresses, the spiritual worlds are quite throughly purified, therefore most spirits of the ancestors and the bygones are not on the side of being mourned for but on the side of indirectly protecting the living.

Thirdly, as it may sound strange as it seems, there is a custom known as ancestor worship that has been practiced throughout the history of Buddism and Shinto. This will spiritually change into something whole different as Ascension progresses.

Let me tell you why. This is because the relationship between those in the spiritual world and those who have material bodies on Earth is changing into a new one where those in the spiritual worlds are desperately trying to save those who are to endure, lost in the disorienting material world, not in the old way where the living on Earth are trying to help guide the dead lost in the afterworlds.


I hope to tell you only the main points as it is too complicated to write the details here.

Firstly, you might find this hard to believe without spiritual foresight, the truth behind all the religeous mournings and memorial services by the living is this: While the souls those in the material world believe completely as the dead or their ancestors are, so to speak, merely a existence of mirage; the real themselves are in the actual spiritual worlds on a little higher dimensions with different younger and livilier appearances and ages, in fact, worriedly watching over those in the material world still mourning and conducting memorial services for them. This is the actual situation from a spiritual point of view.

What does this mean? It means there is in fact not a small gap between how the living imagine the bygones are and how those who move to the way of life in the spiritual world after their physical death actually feel. But there is still more to this problem. As Ascension progresses, what one strongly believes in his or her consciousness can more easily be reflected and embodied in the world of his or her consciousness itself, much more than before.

Secondly, as very strange as to hear, people who exist in the purely spiritual form in the spiritual worlds are even more experiencing spiritual awakenings, discovering their potentials in various ways, more than people in the material world. Honestly speaking, people who you thought as just the dead or your ancestors are actually experiencing amazing awakenings that almost make them appear like sort of a god.

Therefore, as I have written before that this unique particular time in history is when you find yourselve experiencing personal spiritual awakenings of consciousness, wisdom and abilities. Such changes, the awakenings of love, intelligence and abilities are much more easily, directly and clearly felt to those in the spirutal worlds, than us in the material world.


To be continued…


This is a translated version of the article from on 18th May, 2013. You can read the original japanese version here.


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