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The current circumstances of Ascension in May, June and July, 2013 Part 2

2. At present, many people are having both the happy and unhappy experiences in the higher dimensional cosmos after Ascension and the lower dimensional cosmos after Descension.

Secondly, strangely enough, Earth at present is in a strange situation in which its two different space and time, one is to ascend to the higher dimensional cosmos and the other to descend to the lower dimensional cosmos, affect each other, going up and down (Of course, it does not change in a material way.)


This does not necessarily mean such a bad situation. However, as a result, many of us experience rather frequent changes in our mood, suddenly feel happy and sometimes suddenly feel so depressed – to put it differently, experience how you would feel both after Ascension and Descension many times to seek where your comfort of your mind and heart lies.

In other word, I think it may be easier to understand that one person who suffered a serious mental shock in any way, has to go through a tough depressing emotional experience when trying to recover from the trauma and the shock, but after the treatment is successfully completed, he or she can feel stably calm and happy without much effort at all. This process is exactly what many of us are going through over and over again these days as Ascension progresses.

In short, many of us who live a life on Earth today are right on the road of seeking to understand what the true happiness is or what the true unhappiness is by daily spiritually knowing the experiences in both the cosmos after Ascension and Descension.


Here I write that there are two worlds: the ascended one and the descended one. To be more specific, todays are when you can directly and successively be affected by the other consciousness from, for instance, the rather sick one trapped in the anti-worlds or abnormal different dimensional areas or a part of the happy one in higher dimensional cosmos. And there is no need to worry that “Maybe I am not one of them who can ascend” or “I’m afraid I might be doomed to hell” unless you are one of the really evil ones who do terrible things beyond description.


To be continued…


This is a translated version of the article from on 3rd July, 2013. You can read the original japanese version here.


, Current Circumstances of the Ascension / The Truth of Time & Space



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