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The recent circumstances of the spiritual worlds Part 3

2. As a result of Ascension that blurs the boundary between this world and worlds on different dimensions, many more people can have a sort of spiritual experiences on a daily basis.

Secondly, even more unusual it may sound, as Ascension progresses the afterworld, what has been understood as heaven, hell or the land of dead over the course of history has been virtually becoming extremely adjacent to this material world we live in. As a result, our current Earth has been under a great influence of the worlds on different dimensions which have long been regarded as what is unseen, unheard, totally different by people on Earth both in a good and bad way.


This topic is too broad to cover to explain so I think I will spare the details as much as possible to make my points about it. There are mainly three things to know.

Firstly, it is something many of you are already starting to experience. We can say that so many secrets, seamy sides of the world, dirty or undisclosed facts throughout the world are disclosed these days one after another searching investigation or simply by sheer chance. Many dark things of this kind are no longer safe to keep secret, for instance…”I am pretty sure this kind of secrets in the politics and religious organizations must have been forever veiled secrets…” “…Perhaps no one could have known this kind of perfect crime conducted by underground criminal organization before!” “No one could have possibly discovered the truth with this level of coverup! They perfectly covered up  every single traces of evidence with fake-evidence, plausible logics for the public…!”.

Secondly, it is something many more of you are actually experiencing these days. it is getting easier and easier for many of you to unknowingly use your own psychic abilities of intuitions, foreseeing the future, telepathy and psychokinesis, which would have been undoubtedly recognized as a psychic or superhuman decades ago. It is naturally happening quite daily.

Thirdly, it is something still not clearly understood by many people. To cut to the point, more people are having various experiences of actually travelling in their spiritual form to somewhere else with their body in this world just like described in not a few tales of psychics in history.

These are still only a few people know what they are actually capable of as this experience is yet broadly recognized intellectually and rationally by many. However, a lot of people on Earth today, are active by travelling in their spiritual form at the same time as living their usual life in material form of body.


As you can see, our material world of Earth has been greatly influenced by the approach of the different dimensional worlds, which even influences many people who know only little about spiritual knowledge.


To be continued….


This is a translated version of the article from on 17th May, 2013. You can read the original japanese version here.


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