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The recent circumstances of the spiritual worlds Part 9

As it was too long to post in one article, I decided to split it into two parts. Here is the prequel.


And thirdly, as I know it may not be easy to understand for many of you today, on a long term basis, humankind in this period of time has just begun to gain spiritual, mental and physical freedom as if some sort of mental bindings popped apart all of a sudden, freed from all kinds of limitations and bindings.

The ones in the middle of such a great change might be too busy to deal with many things happening in front of their eyes everyday to pay attention to this. In short, people in the future know that humankind on Earth has mentally and behaviorally changed over this period of time we live in today.

Such changes, of course, include a spiritual one. An awakening of one’s spiritual ability known as “instinction”, “inspiration” or “supernatural power” is very commonly recognized as one of the biggest spiritual changes of humankind by people in the future.

As I wrote, humankind lived in the time period of from late 20th century to 22nd century is to be known as the ones lived the time of, almost dramatic, cosmic spiritual emancipation and evolution.


Current Earth therefore is in the critical age of many epoch-making historical events, on a very long-term basis of centuries, thousands of years, necessary for human civilization to become the ideal world after Ascension known as “millennium” and “The world of Miroku” which exists in a half spiritual and material form.


To be continued…



Thank you for your subscription. Getting subscription might have taken a little bit time but it somehow really encourages me and cheers me up. Thank you.


Today, I am doing the clearing and integrating of the “anti-dimensions”, a kind of anti-worlds that mentally deranged people or even healthy people know in meaningless nightmares, fantasy or hallucination.

Anti-dimensions are like what mirrors darkly. One act in this material world is reflected to happen reversely in the anti-dimensions. Honestly speaking, it is just too crazy and extremely tricky to clean and integrate in a month, so I think it is going to take months to finish this mission.

Just a few days ago, this website had a loading error probably because of this. But the problem is solved as I dealt with it in many ways.


And as many of you have asked me, is keeping this blogging website hard? To be honest, on whole, I enjoy writing it very much. It is mentally very relaxing as I can tune in to the higher-frequency worlds when I write articles even though it does take time and energy to maintain this website everyday.


Many who give me e-mails often surprise me, pointing out what I know but do not intentionally include in the articles. (:-D)

As for me, there are still tons of things I feel like “Oh, I can tell you this much but maybe not this part…” but there are indeed sometimes comments and opinions I can’t help thinking “maybe you can somehow know it with this number of articles I have written…?!”

This is how I still want to keep up this website to let you know more about Ascension as time allows.


See you!


This is a translated version of the article from on 22nd May, 2013. You can read the original japanese version here. 


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