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Three possible scenarios of Ascension in the future Part 4 – 1

Three reasons material changes in Ascension will be slower.

Why can this be happening? I know many of you are wondering. I can only tell you that there are extremely complicated reasons that Ascension in a sort of unsatisfactory way will be the best possible scenario for the three reasons.


Reason A – strong and enormous emotion of obsession in the collective consciousness of humankind

If you take a look at the state of current collective consciousness of humankind from the higher dimensional perspective, rather abnormal strong feelings that you can call greed or regrets are all over Earth world, feelings such as “I still can’t get enough of doing something…” or “I just wanted to do something…more”. If something happens now to turn this material world 180 degree around to make it what is totally new, most people will try to stay in this material world before the change or surely will soon come back here after they leave once, under current circumstance. This is why something that will fundamentally change the material world cannot be allowed to happen, which is also a decision made by spiritual existences in the higher dimensions.


Reason B – So many souls of people and living beings are still being trapped in the chaos of multi-dimensional worlds.

As it is very ill-reputed across the cosmos, Earth is known for its variety of abnormal spiritual nutrients which are inconceivable by many people on Earth at their conscious level. What is the spiritual food all about? I am afraid I cannot go into details here but Earth is a sort of a slavery district that has been under control of malicious fake-creator, fake gods or real demons who have tricked people. Therefore once one, no matter how great or good he or she is, steps into the Earth transmigration system, he or she gets trapped and has to repeat living and dying all over again without consciousness just like a sleep-walker, forgetting who he or she was just like a drug addict. Multi-dimensionally speaking, in other words, from the point of multi-dimensions created by highly advanced virtual reality technology, this is because those who are once inside the Earth transmigration system are unconsciously forced to kill, eat and do things like raping one another including people and living beings, never detected at superficial conscious level, which is actually the causes of various abnormal psychology of humankind as well.


As a result of many events in such multi-dimensional worlds we cannot understand at conscious level, Earth has been in an extremely dangerous spiritual condition in which no one can possibly get out without being incredibly lucky once he or she steps in the Earth transmigration system. However, as Ascension is coming nearer, Light Force represented by The Creator of the Cosmos have been powerfully and earnestly engaging in cleansing such multi-dimensional worlds.

Therefore, my estimation regarding purification of such multi-dimensions is that the worst ones will be finished cleansing with several years while some may take more time to be completely cleansed even after the end of 2012. Judging from the current situation, I say, a great material change along with Ascension at the end of 2012 is still a issue.


To be continued…


This is a translated version of the article from on 19th August, 2010. You can read the original japanese version here.


, Possible Future Scenarios of the Ascension



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