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Q&A – Things you should be careful when tuning into higher vibrational frequency Part 5

6. To be honest is spiritually and mentally very important, but just being naively honest all the time can get you into serious trouble.

Living with a honest heart and mind has been often religiously encouraged however in reality such way of living honestly to a fault often gets you in serious and unexpected trouble.

Therefore, I think it is important that you understand the true meaning of “to be honest” to keep your vibrational frequency high. It means that you need to be careful not to be too selfish by getting rid of prejudice and bias that only make you feel like you know everything, and by listening to the others, or always try to keep your heart happy, peaceful and calm as much as you can be, never easily getting upset, irritated and impatient. I think such things are really important.

Once you accept the wrong idea that “Being honest is to be honest to a fault and it is good and enough!”, you realize that you underestimated the world, never knowing how wrong the idea of honest is actually. You can easily get tricked by someone like a evil conman or conveniently tricked into doing some incredibly dirty work for the bad people or just used as convenient meaningless volunteers working for free. You need to be really careful.

Although to be honest is a very important factor in life and actually is spiritually or mentally encouraged, you should beware that misunderstanding this could lead you to some unexpected troubles and misfortunes in reality.


To be continued…


This is a translated version of the article from on 16th March, 2011. You can read the original japanese version here.


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