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Q&A: Why is acquiring and leaning spiritual knowledge not enough to help you ascend?

I know you have heard a lot that all you have to do to ascend is simply to learn how to be spiritual and be familiar with such kind of knowledge. Today let me tell you my honest viewpoint on this.


After Ascension, it will be a new world where you will find yourself more naturally able to value and consider both the spiritual and material aspects of things at the same time.

When you take a look around and back at what it has been like, you can tell that people who like spiritual things generally know little about real life and society. However people who know a lot about real life generally know very little about spiritual things. This is a very common tendency observed throughout the world, and also is one of the most distinctive characteristics of a society at pre-Ascension level, in other words it is a sort of a separation state of a human consciousness.

 Such distinctive separative tendency of the framework of thought of humankind will thus disappear over time and is to be replaced by a new framework of thoughts by which people can understand and consider equally both spiritual and material aspects of things, more clearly and objectively.


Historically, the real world often hides its true nature conveniently under the mask of Light when it substantially turns into a dark society, which is far from Utopia even though people behave in religiously good way and acquire great amount of spiritual knowledge.

You might be wondering why I am actually spending a lot of time to tell you about the material side of the world instead of describing only spiritual stuff in my blog. The reason is that historically speaking from my personal experiences with spiritual and cosmic area; Being familiar only with either spiritual or material knowledge as an individual could not let the civilization to continue in the long run, eventually would lead it to destroy itself and fall apart as a result of many reasons.


Let me give you a typical example. I think you have heard a very commonly accepted theory among Earth people, that Utopia can be realized by increasing more religious citizens, which makes it appear as if the nation is full of religiously good people in the process. Unfortunately, historically speaking, things cannot go well that easily. In so many cases in history we have seen people like an emperor or dictator who only dreams of building his or her empire or kingdom by forcing his or her own very honest and obedient people to engage in large-scale military invasions or national construction projects, which of course included compulsory service and forced labor for many so-called causes for the country, or effectively reinforcing the domination of greedy, wicked and power-oriented ones, suppressing many good people.

As you can see now, bluntly speaking, the reality tells us what is the very opposite of the spiritual common sense we often hear.

In reality, it always has been the regular case that being just a little bit “familiar” with religious or spiritual stuff could eventually easily lead to a downfall of the entire society that changes into a dark terrible one that deceives you with a Light mask of “faith” and “ideal”. It is nothing alike a real Utopia.


This is also why I need to write not only on spiritual, but political or even economical topics – which might sound a little bit difficult to understand at first – as I basically value the equal importance of each element, when I try to tell you, through this blog, my spiritual cosmic knowledge and experience I know as of today in the simplest and plainest way possible.

This is a translated version of the article from on 2nd April, 2011. You can read the original japanese version here.


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