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Q&A How to understand the vibrational frequency of the Creator of the cosmos Part 2

3. One who seeks truth someday sees the importance of Light experience. If one indulges himself or herself merely in in experiencing Light, he or she is very likely to error his or her path failed in the tests of monsters of Light.

Thirdly, this is a bit different story but there are “Tests of Light” known throughout the universe. This is, simply put, “One who seeks truth someday can reach the doors of Light, beyond the entrance are where one can never see the truth without truly understanding them in the darkness after overcoming the temptation of Light.

What does this mean? In short, you need to be really careful in seeking the spiritual truth. At some point, you can feel the spiritual light that gives you ecstasy and the great feeling of achievement to some point. If you let yourself content with this level of understanding of truth, however, you can easily fall off the right path spiritually, fail in the Tests of Light by monsters of Light luring in the Light.


What are those monsters of Light? They are not clearly understood among human on Earth yet but are extremely dangerous and you need to be really careful. They are existences like fake-Creator or fake Messiah that emit very bright spiritual light, delivering very persuasive sermon and even performing miracles, to lead people astray.

Now the biggest question here is that how we all can pass the tests of Light monsters. It is actually quite simple. In short, you just need to seek the real truth, never yielding to the temptation of Light as far as you can.


What do you need to do to accomplish this? There are mainly two things to keep in mind.

One is that you simply need to understand that either in material or spiritual world, Light is just a sort of illumination and refrain from taking a view to worship Light itself.

The other important thing is that do not easily throw away your wisdom and rationality and everything. Value the true wisdom and knowledge that you can say “I really understood it from the bottom of my heart.”, know the importance of establishing a friendly, wonderful loving and caring relationships with people around you which is one of the basic thing to do as a human. And more importantly defeat the strongest monsters of “nothingness” that make you feel like“I just hate…” “I don’t wanna think about it” “I just wanna run away” or “I wanna cling to it” almost reflectively with no reason at all.

To put differently, this kind of monsters of “nothingness” is not what you can see like Light therefore you need to stop and take a look at motions in your heart sometimes. Therefore it is very important to train how to calmly take a look at motions of your heart in the darkness that is not visible like Light. This is why truth that lies inside your own heart is known as “Truth in the darkness” often compared to truth found in Light.


Therefore, one who seeks truth someday can see the spiritual Light that will shine upon him or her but one’s spiritual achievement stops there, without truly knowing the truth in the darkness deep inside one’s heart beyond the experience of Light. I can tell you that the reality is very severe in a way.


To be continued…


This is a translated version of the article from on 11th July, 2012. You can read the original japanese version here.


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