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About “2012 Ascension” Part 2

2. Seen from the eyes of people in the future, a group of people lived around in 2012 have evolved into a new humankind that is spiritual and comic, futuristic and practices happism.

Secondly, this may be hard to understand for us today, however, this particular period of time in 2012 is historically recognized as the age when “new humankind” in actual way came to existence seen from the people living decades or centuries in the future. This “new humankind” obviously different from the way old humankind is spiritual and cosmic or super-futuristic and shares very high dimensional consciousness.

This does not mean of course that human appearance or consciousness changes all of sudden. However, from the viewpoint of people in the future, some people in this time have begun to seek a spiritual and cosmic, reasonable happiness-seekers that have highly great sense of balance, obviously different from how people used to be.


It is deeply connected with the awakening of collective consciousness of humankind as the bindings by the brain-washing by the hands of Dark Ones, as a matter of fact, this particular period of time is actually some people began to evolve into a new humankind that is spiritual and cosmic, super-futuristic and reasonable happiness seekers, their actions, thoughts and beliefs different from how humankind used to be.


To be continued…


This is a translated version of the article from on 13th July, 2013. You can read the original japanese version here.


, About the Ascension / Current Circumstances of the Ascension



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