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Three possible scenarios of Ascension in the future Part 2

Scenario B – One day suddenly a group of chosen people suddenly move to the new world of Light in higher dimension

Secondly it is not unlikely that only a handful of chosen people suddenly get free of the bindings of Earthly material world and move to the spiritual world so far recognized and known as “heaven” in Earthly religions, which is very strongly expected by some very religious people. In this case, we are most likely to face the same problem as when someone who lost his or her life because of sudden accident or disease strongly wishes to be reborn into the material world in a short time span. Only for some time after they get to the new world, they all feel awesome, great fun but after a whole they realize that they cannot get the idea of their previous life, obsessed with thinking of how it could have paned out. They think like “I just can’t stop thinking about what could have happened to me in my last life.” “I know if I have done and said right just a little bit my life would have been better.” no matter how others deny telling him or her “Under that circumstance you were in there was no way you could have done all that”. This is how each souls find themselves in predicament in the new world because they cannot find peace in this way in the suddenly-started life in heaven.

Well, then this scenario in which the world one day ends and ideal life in heaven begins out of blue is no good after all as it leaves tremendous amount of anxiety and dissatisfaction. You may be surprised to know that it has been one of the most common scenarios that actually happened in many parallel worlds.


Such future scenarios are actually back-grounded by the fact so many people on Earth have strongly believed in the salvation of soul, or the Judgment by the hands of God for so long in the history of Earth. The collective consciousness of humankind no longer has such high expectations on the ultimate salvation in the future but now it wishes at collective subconscious level a coming of rather chaotic new world like “We just wish a material world like this just blow up and be gone…” or “We don’t care anymore as long as we can see any great existence like Christ or Buddha either on Earth or somewhere else.”

Therefore the initial scenario that the material world suddenly disappears and a group of chosen people move to a new world that appears like a real heaven is now a very unlikely possibility.


To be continued…


This is a translated version of the article from on 17th August, 2010. You can read the original japanese version here.


, Possible Future Scenarios of the Ascension



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