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The current circumstances of Ascension in May, June and July, 2013 Part 1

It is July already but over the next few days I will tell you about what has been going on in Ascension as I have written each two months.


1. The purification and clearing of many people’s hearts and minds at spiritual level have been progresses as the reintegration and abolition and amalgamation of different dimensions and parallel worlds that exist around Earth.

Firstly, not many people have pointed out this fact yet but the time and space of Earth has been rather unstable in terms of the next two causes.


1. So many parallel universes around Earth currently have been actively integrating and abolishing therefore reflecting many strange phenomena in the material universe.

Firstly, many people might be feeling this everywhere on Earth, strange phenomenon are easier to observe even on Earth in this material world as a result of this unstable status of time and space around earth, in which so many parallel universes suddenly disappear or so many similar parallel ones integrate as if overlapping and absorbing one another.


It may be easier to understand with specific examples. Let me give you four.

First example is that, you can experience sudden and strange emotional changes in yourself such as a sudden sense of joy or sadness or the funny feeling that you have been doing something totally different when your consciousness skips for a moment. These strange experiences you may get are caused by your experiences at your soul level in such parallel universes when they drastically change or disappear for some reasons.

Why? Although it may not be clearly recognized at a superficial conscious level, the memories of your another soul lived in such parallel universes intensely integrate, more like downloaded into the domains of your sub-consciousness. This is why you get to experience sudden unknown strange emotions or feel dizzy.

The second example is, strangely enough, when afore-mentioned phenomenon happen, some of the people who have some kind of traumas or experienced great shock in their lives are tend to have virtually or aurally access to such universes, being able to hear and see the people and animals living there as if it is real in their world, experience so-called hallucinations. (Such phenomena are often temporary.)

The third example may be also a very strange thing to hear. At times like this, the phase of time and space becomes very unstable and sort of distorted for a short time therefore influencing human bodies to act strangely as if someone else has got into your body and feel like doing something different or strange not only hearing or seeing things.

Finally, the fourth example is, also a very strange phenomenon indeed, although everyone materially looks fine and the same, people at your side or living beings suddenly not there, replaced by someone else or disappear without trace when seen from a spiritual perspective. It is a result of the unstable time and space which destabilizes the connection between each human, animal or plants.


When phenomena like these happens, we need to pay a little attention to the human-relationships because it is somehow easier to misunderstand or disagree or suddenly be unable to understand what the other person is thinking at all even though he or she has been one of your closest friends or acquaintances.


To be continued…


This is a translated version of the article from on 2nd July, 2013. You can read the original japanese version here.


, Current Circumstances of the Ascension / The Truth of Time & Space



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