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About “2012 Ascension” Part 1

I feel like my blog has been a sort of answers to the many questions about “2012” theory that heated up especially after 2000, and about “Ascension”, a large-scale dimensional uplift that could also involve some great spiritual events, perhaps the fact that this blog was named “Ascension” was one of reasons.

Now, what was 2012 all about, as we all take a look back? I do not think it has been really yet understood. Today, let me tell you a little bit more about “2012” theory.


1. The particular period of time, the end of 2012, will be undoubtedly recognized as a turning point in the collective consciousness of humankind far in the future.

Firstly of all, it is something that was hard to see at that time but when looked back at, many can actually see and understand. Around after 2000, the collective consciousness of humankind living on Earth had been facing a difficult choice and confusion: whichever they should straightforwardly head for a utopia-like future for the collective happiness and prosperity of humankind, or they should head for a extremely chaotic, divided universe experiencing many obstacles and the ultimate face-off between the good and the evil, God and Devil, or they should let the world to end in a way that can wholly liquidate all the sins and ignominy of humankind. It was a very critical phase.

However, over several years, these different directions finally began to come together and the direction has been now that they should create a new world of Light that aim to realize the new happiness and prosperity of humankind under will of the one and only Creator of the Cosmos, even though the collective consciousness of humankind still embraces great darkness such as uncountable mistakes, pains and sins of the past.

The time, especially at the end of 2012 was thus one of the biggest turning points in the history of the collective consciousness of humankind., and this viewpoint is clearly going to be the same one as many far in the future will come to have.


To be continued…


This is a translated version of the article from on 12th July, 2013. You can read the original japanese version here.


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