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Since 2001, I have been involved in numerous various spiritual missions which needed so much time and were too demanding for me to even consider publishing the spiritual and cosmic knowledge and information through blog or books like this. After 2010, however, I could finally see that such spiritual missions settling down. Therefore, I have decided to publish my knowledge and information I have acquired by means of blog or books, to let you know as clearly as possible.

My name “Cecye” is pronounced sésie.

I currently live in Yokohama, Kanagawa prefecture in Japan.

Let me make it clear beforehand that my blog as of today has no connection with any religions or activity organizations.



My profile

Born in Tokyo in 1967, July, 7th.

Went through many spiritual experiences since childhood.

After graduation of college, gained religious experiences while gaining experiences of various jobs.

In 2001, finally awakened in my original spiritual mission which also meant for me to directly face off trans-dimensional problems and hardships since then I became involved with extremely difficult and demanding spiritual cosmic missions.

In 2004, finally completed my spiritual trainings to experience a great spiritual awakening which also meant that next spiritual missions would be even more difficult and demanding than ever.

4 years later in 2008 I have began to involve in enlightenment activity to make public the knowledge about Ascension and spiritual cosmic truths at the same time as I continue cosmic spiritual missions to adjust and purify the vibration.